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We are India's first outcome-based marketing agency.

We are a team of extremely passionate marketing professionals, working to connect your brand with your customers. We help you transform your customers into your brand advocates.

We specialize in catering to needs of startups, SMB's and large Fortune 500 enterprise customers. Our results-oriented marketing campaigns consistently increase market awareness, establish industry credibility, reach target audience and generate new business opportunities.

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We're Creative

Because being different makes all the difference.

We're Punctual

Timings so accurately maintained, the Swiss would get jealous.

We're responsible

Your products are not mere commodities to us - they are your vision.

We're Friendly

We don’t just “associate” - we bond.

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Digital Positioning

Define your own niche and standout from the saturated digital space.


All the design, strategy, & execution to ensure customers buy from you *because* it’s you.

Social Listening

Get direct customer perception & feedback data through social media monitoring

Digital Marketing

Data driven Marketing, Visibility, and SEO strategies to turn your digital “presence” into “influence”.

Media Content

Turning your thoughts & data into well-structured chronicles.

Rich Animated Videos

Effortlessly packing any story into minutes of audio-visual grandeur.

Social Extraction

Connecting you with the right people at the right places to grow your firm & products.

Marketing Collateral

From brochures to sales sheets: all the supplements to promote healthy visibility & sales.

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We are passionate about solving problems with clarity, simplicity and honesty.

“ThoughtFolks team created a virtual home which is very intuitive allowing potential clients and business partners to easily browse and find the type of services that best meet their objectives”

Mark Risenhoover (Founder & CEO) - Vision Technologies, Singapore

Team members at ThoughtFolks are extremely enthusiastic and are always willing to help their customers. The lead generation team is the best we have seen by far.

CEO and Founder - Lincoln Leadership International, New Zealand

“Design savvy. Brilliant. Friendly. These guys know the pulse of marketing. These guys in T-shirts and jeans appear like jazz band performers but they are Rockstars of branding and marketing.”

CEO AND FOUNDER - A leading retail major in India

Creative Minds

We've been crafting beautiful websites, launching stunning brands and making clients happy for years. Let's Work Together
Art Director
Founder & CEO
Raghav Hunasgi Founder & CEO
Chief Design Officer
Vikas Tiwari Chief Design Officer
Rama Iyer Advisor
James F. Alexander Advisor
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