About Company

The Masterminds that Make your Business Stand Out in this Fiercely Competitive Digital World!
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Okay, Before we go ahead and introduce ourselves, our team and our capabilities, what we’d like you to know about us is what we believe in as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad.

We’re Thought Folks!

We believe that each business has its own potential and deserves to stand out in the digital space. In other words, no two businesses are the same for us, we treat each opportunity differently because each business is unique in its own way. Businesses of all sizes reach out to us to help kick-start their digital marketing journey or to enhance their current marketing strategies.
To sum it all up, you either want to
Be Seen, Be Heard, or Be Known!
And that is what we do day in and day out – continuously striving to deliver our best to make your brand remarkable.

Meet the folks!

We’re a bunch of enthusiasts. Digital enthusiasts. We have an incredible understanding of all things digital, because hey, that’s our bread and butter. Believe it or not, it makes our day when we get to see one good design or one happy customer. We’re surely not the nerdy kinds, but the fun kind to work with!

Deepak Kant Vyas


Rama Iyer


James F. Alexander


How we do what we do!

Our key to success!

Define deliverables & goals

We work on a sprint to sprint basis, where we identify and define the deliverables and their corresponding goals to be achieved for the upcoming sprint. Owners are assigned and are put to task!

Check daily progress

Internally, we do a daily progress check as to where we are with respect to the deliverables defined for the sprint, what happened the previous day, what’s planned for today, what are the challenges they are facing etc.

Sprint Review

At the end of two weeks, we’ll get onto a call together with your team and review in detail the progress for the sprint that passed by. Numbers, insights, challenges, suggestions, we’ll discuss them all in an open forum and get to the next one by incorporating the learnings from the earlier sprint.

Getting On-Board Our Business Game-Plan

We make the impossible happen in a wink