Digital Marketing

Free Online Digital Marketing Certification Courses – Top 14 to pursue in 2019

by Ali Khan November 13, 2019 Digital Marketing

Almost every millennial is aware that digital marketing is the trending and is the key to an organization’s growth. Almost

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A/B Testing can improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns

by Manogna Nalli June 27, 2019 Digital Marketing

2018 saw ad campaigns taken to new heights. Starting with Domino’s Anyware, Pepsi’s halftime show at the Super Bowl, Apple

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Creating a brand identity for your business with Digital Marketing

by Manogna Nalli June 03, 2019 Digital Marketing

What strikes your mind when I talk about Google, Nike, or McDonald’s? You thought it right! It’s the brand! These

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Effective ways for writing SEO-friendly content

by Manogna Nalli April 15, 2019 Digital Marketing

There has been a misconception in the air about search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. While some argue SEO

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