Almost every millennial is aware that digital marketing is the trending and is the key to an organization’s growth. Almost every business is adopting Digital Marketing into its marketing plan along with its old traditional marketing techniques. Some businesses are completely switching to Digital Marketing and automation by giving up Traditional Marketing.

Why is everyone embracing Digital Marketing and how is it replacing traditional marketing?
In this digital world, we are spending at least 4 hours a day on our phones and feeding on the Internet. It is obvious that every business has gone digital to get closer to their audience. Digital Marketing is cost-effective, generates higher revenue when compared to traditional marketing and you can precisely target your audience with measurable analytics. One main advantage of digital marketing is its ability to make marketing more personal (one-to-one) and give accurately measurable results. Whatever is measured can also be monitored. Better monitoring will always result in the better upshot.

It can be assumed that digital marketing is the current and future of marketing. As of now, It cannot be said that digital marketing is completely replacing traditional marketing but it is slowly replacing entities of traditional marketing. Most businesses have started stitching traditional and digital marketing strategies together to reach their customer base aggressively. Latest statistics show that there is a huge spike in the graph of digital marketing usage and careers. The demand for qualified and skilled professionals in this field has also rapidly grown. This reflects a massive increase in the number of individuals who pursue digital marketing courses. There are plenty of courses available in the market focussing on all the key areas of DIgital Marketing which are from Industry leaders and influencers.

A few questions you might hear often would be:

What’s next after pursuing the Digital Marketing course? How can you make your profile stand out in the interview? 
Simple answer: Valid Certifications.

What are these certifications?
Certifications are valid proof of expertise. Likewise, they are tests to assess the skills and knowledge of an individual in a particular subject/area (Digital Marketing) within a specific timeframe.

These certifications are definite value-adding feathers into the career-crown of the individual who clears them. Every Digital Marketer desires to attain accreditation in the form of Digital Marketing certifications. With these certifications, candidates will have an active embracement from companies.

There are a lot of certifications available in the market and most of them are paid. So, which certifications are popular with digital marketers and are there any free certifications available?
Here are the top 14 Digital Marketing Certifications which all add huge value to your profile and they will not cost you a single penny as well.

Digital Marketing Certifications from Google
Google offers various certifications where you will need to pick and complete the desired course, take the online examination and score 80% or more marks to get certified/qualified. All the courses and examinations are completely free. One great advantage with Google certifications is that there is no limit on the number of attempts you make and you can give examination again after 7 days if you fail to get qualified. These certificates will expire after 12 months from the exam date.

1. Google Digital Unlocked Course Certification
This certification covers all the fundamentals of digital marketing, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to turn knowledge into action.

2. Google Ads Search Certification:
This certification will help you to build and optimize Google Search campaigns as a master. A certified individual will showcase the ability to grip automated solutions (Smart Bidding & Audience Solutions) to boost their campaign performance for specific marketing objectives.

3. Google Ads Display Certification:
This Certification will enhance your ability to develop effective Display strategies and campaigns that achieve marketing goals and get the most from your display advertising investment.

4. Google Ads Video Certification:
This certification focuses on creating compelling videos & ways to grip the potential of videos as advertising media. Certified users will be able to tell effective stories on YouTube and Google to reach their potential customers. The certificate will expire after 12 months from the exam date.

5. Shopping ads Certification:
This certification helps you to create and administrate the Google Merchant Center account efficiently. Certified users will demonstrate how to create and optimize shopping campaigns that can maximize reach and conversions.

6. Google Ads – Measurement Certification:
This certification will demonstrate your ability to measure and optimize digital ad performance using Google’s measurement solutions. A Certified user will understand all the metrics that matter and can turn key insights into action to improve Google Ads performance.

7. Google Analytics Individual Qualification:
The Google Analytics Individual Qualification comprises basic and advanced Google Analytics concepts. This course teaches to sense the pulse of leads and teach how to utilize the Behaviour and interest of the audience and make a campaign most efficient.

Other Google Analytics Courses:

8. Google My Business Basics:
This course will take you from novice to pro. Learn how to use free “Google My Business” to create listings and keep your information updated on Google maps & Google search so that it will stand out when anyone searches online.

9. YouTube Certification(s):
Video has become a preferred content medium for every business and a lot of things can be said through a video in very little time. So, it is a major mandate to have a defined video content strategy.

Google offers 5 different certifications for YouTube enthusiasts.
  • YouTube Asset Monetization
  • YouTube Channel Growth
  • YouTube Content Ownership
  • YouTube Creative Essentials
  • YouTube Music Certification
Get the certifications here:

Hubspot offers a wide range of paid and free certifications. Among the list, three certifications are essential for Digital Marketers

10. Hubspot Email Marketing Certification:
This is one of the highly preferred certifications all over the world to learn the Analytical Skill of Digital Marketing. This email marketing course will teach you how to build an email marketing strategy that builds trust with your contacts and upgrades your career.

11. Hubspot Content Marketing 
Certification:This certification will be a proper guide to create and repurpose content that both humans and search engines will love. In the end, transform you into a strategic content marketer.

12. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification:
This certification is all about Inbound Marketing which is one popular technique among other Marketing techniques. This course helps you to learn a wide range of inbound marketing techniques. You will be well on your way to building your inbound marketing strategy once you complete this certification.

Other Free Courses from Hubspot:

13. Bing Ads Certification:
Along with Google, Bing is another professional certificate provider which gives a certificate based on an online examination. Bing Ads Accreditation exam provides a complete professional Digital Marketing Learning Certificate if you clear the exam.

14. Video Advertising on Twitter by Twitter Flight School:
Twitter provides two types of certification programs. These two courses will guide you in building the knowledge and skills you need to meet your clients’ video advertising goals.

  1. Twitter Video Advertising Foundations
  2. Twitter Video Advertising Campaign Basics

All these certifications will add great value to your resume and make your profile stand out from the group. Invest your time in these certifications and have a smooth interview journey to reach your dream job!